DecoloniZing Development

Reimagining the aid and development sectors to become truly “sustainable”

At Development Reimagined, we take seriously the agency of low-income and middle-income countries to reshape aid and development – including the global health, agriculture and humanitarian sectors – into more equitable, sustainable and exit-able systems.

As a pioneering, African-led development consultancy, our team provides a unique perspective backed by evidence-based analyses of the challenges and opportunities for change in aid and development, along with tailored support to organisations and partners that wish to drive internal or external change and/or design new programmes that truly center recipient needs.

We do not shy away from difficult topics or conversations, but also focus on the practical activities, norms and outputs that might be needed. In all our work, we conduct and draw evidence and inspiration from a diverse set of organisations, other non-development sectors as well as a diverse range of countries, including emerging economies such as China.

Our work on Making Africa’s Pharmaceutical Needs a Reality: Part 1 and Part 2 is a key example, where we investigated the local medicines manufacturing deficit in Africa, and the learning opportunities from China and India’s pharmaceutical sectors.

Reimagining aid and development to become truly “sustainable”

What we do

Helping you cultivate the key relationships you need to expand your impact

Professional events and stakeholder facilitation

We organise private and public events in both online and hybrid formats, from transcontinental dialogue conferences to internal learning sessions for leading organisations – bringing relevant stakeholders together to rethink the wide scope of challenges in the development and aid sector.

Cross-continental, Africa-focused analyses and infographics

We specialise in exploring African economies and development issues on a cross-continental basis through timely articles and infographics that centre African and other low- and middle-income stakeholders and inform on-going trends and conversations, including on policy topics such a global health, sovereign debt and trade.

Delivering analyses and infographics that shape the conversation

Keeping you one step ahead of critical developments

Research reports and policy briefs

We offer cutting-edge research and policy advice for organisations and governments on practical steps to decolonize development work and institutions – from the global health to trade and agriculture sectors – helping key decision-makers shift structures and systems to chart more equitable and sustainable paths forward.

Accessible, informative media for decolonisation

We prepare accessible and educational briefings by experts and leaders from African and other low- and middle-income countries about current development trends and policy issues. These are viewed by thousands, including key decision-makers globally.

Elevating inclusive, sustainable perspectives

How we can help you

Sound Strategic Advice

Whether you’re seeking approaches to development and aid that transcend dominant paradigms and center the needs of recipients, or you want to reimagine your organisation’s norms and processes to embrace equity and inclusion, have the experience to help you develop deep, data-driven, and truly sustainable strategic plans. As an independent, African-led consultancy, we work with private companies, government agencies, and international organisations. Clients we’ve worked with on decolonial approaches include African governments, key decision-makers in Chinese and African organisations, and leading European think tanks.

Evidence-Based Analysis

Backed by data, our analyses simplify seemingly complex topics that are often misunderstood due to outdated paradigms or merely presented at surface level. We dig deep to unearth fresh insights and reimagine development, especially the Africa-China connection. From public health and finance to private sector investment and household-level welfare, we view development through multiple lenses to enhance your project with diverse and informed research.



Meet Our expert lead

Osaru Omosigho, MSc

Osaru is a Project Manager for our Global Health and Decolonising Development projects – which focus on health security, supplies and systems in Africa and more, building evidence for data-driven systemic change and decolonisation in the aid and development sector. At Development Reimagined, she applies her experience to health and decolonisation research, as well as collating locally applicable development insights from China. Osaru has experience in primary healthcare at the private and public level, and holds an MSc in Health Systems Policy from Queen Mary University of London.

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Use our work

At Development Reimagined, we’re dedicated to transforming the global conversation on development by expanding the reach of innovative perspectives that put Africa first. Hence, we welcome and permit you to quote, link to, and/or comment on our research reports and visual analytics on your organisation’s website or social media posts under the condition that you provide proper attribution including reference to Development Reimagined and a link to the source page on the DR website, for any text, charts, images, or other DR content you use.


Attribution need not be cumbersome. E.g.: The above chart is by Development Reimagined.

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