• Hannah Ryder
    Hannah Ryder Founder and CEO

    We are led by our founder and CEO Hannah Muthoni Ryder, a former diplomat and economist by training. Hannah had the vision to create this consultancy, and incorporate it as the first-ever Kenyan Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise in China. Her CV and bio can be found here, and she can be reached on twitter and we chat using the handle @hmryder.

  • Leah Lynch
    Leah Lynch Deputy Director

    Leah is the Deputy Director of Development Reimagined and Africa Reimagined. She is also the co-chair of the sustainability forum for the British Chamber of Commerce, working with both British and Chinese businesses. She has in-depth knowledge of the landscape that brands face when entering the Chinese market.

    Previously, Leah worked at UNDP China on South-South cooperation, and the Belt and Road Initiative. She also lived and worked in Kenya developing sustainable water policies for the government.

  • Yike Fu
    Yike Fu China-Africa Policy Analyst

    Yike Fu is a skilled analyst with two years of qualitative and quantitative research experience in international development. Yike specializes in African Development and China – Africa relations with proven ability to provide diverse support to international organizations, non-profit, and non-governmental actors.

  • Judith Mwai
    Judith Mwai Research Analyst

    Judith is a Research Analyst. She specialises in Africa-China relations, international development, and diplomacy. A Kenyan by birth, she has lived in China for four years and can speak English, Swahili, and Chinese.

  • Ovigwe Eguegu
    Ovigwe Eguegu Policy Analyst

    Ovigwe is a Policy Analyst. His specialties include geopolitical risks, China-Africa relations, as well as providing expertise on global trend developments and systemic risks. He’s a contributor at the Africa Report, China-Africa Project, and Foreign Policy magazine.

  • Jing Cai
    Jing Cai Policy Analyst

    Jing is a Policy Analyst at Development Reimagined. Her current work is focused on various topics, including decolonizing global health, China’s aid systems, and Sino-Africa cooperation. She is fluent in Chinese, English and French and is a Master’s student at Lund University.

  • Patrick Anam
    Patrick Anam Trade Policy Analyst

    Patrick Anam is an International Trade Policy and Trade Law Expert. His expertise includes trade law, trade policy analysis and regional integration. He has been involved as a trade advisor and researcher in the Development Reimagined’s Africa-China Strategy report.

  • Rosie Flowers
    Rosie Flowers Senior Policy Analyst

    Rosemary is our Senior Policy Analyst. She is a skilled policy analyst and has previously worked as a UK civil servant. She is studying Human Rights at Birkbeck, University of London with a research focus on international law in the context of health crises such as the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Jade Scarfe
    Jade Scarfe Project Manager and Africa-China Communication Assistant

    Jade is the Project Manager for the Africa Unconstrained project. She also supports outgoing communications, including publications featured on The China-Africa Project, The Diplomat, and many more. Her research areas include South-South cooperation, development effectiveness and private sector investment.

  • Olivier Mendo’o
    Olivier Mendo’o Research Analyst

    Olivier supports both the data collection and the creation of Development Reimagined’s monthly infographics. Alongside this, he conducts analytical work; and interviews in English and Chinese. He is a PhD candidate at Peking University.

  • Rosie Wigmore
    Rosie Wigmore Research Analyst

    Rosie helps coordinate the Africa Reimagined program. She seeks new opportunities to ensure African businesses thrive in the Chinese market through market research and her diverse networks across China and Africa. Rosie is a Master’s student at Peking University.

  • Jinyu Chen
    Jinyu Chen Research Analyst

    Jinyu’s research at Development Reimagined focuses on international development, South-South cooperation and global risks studies in Africa. She is a dual-degree Master’s student at Sciences Po & Peking University.

  • Osaru Omosigho
    Osaru Omosigho Research Analyst

    Osaru is a health professional with an MSc in Health Systems Policy and an interest in women’s health and population management. At Development Reimagined, she applies her health sector experience to global health research and collating locally applicable development insights from China.

  • Saeger Godson
    Saeger Godson Research Analyst

    Saeger is a recent graduate of Tsinghua University’s School of Public Policy and Management. In his role at Development Reimagined, Saeger provides research support for our monthly infographics and on project work. His primary role is in data collection and analysis.

  • Lauren Ashmore
    Lauren Ashmore Research Analyst

    Lauren has lived in six countries from the Americas to Europe and Asia and speaks both French and Spanish proficiently. At Development Reimagined, Lauren analyzes how the AfCFTA and growing intra-African trade can help African countries build a more climate-resilient future. She holds a Masters in International Relations from Leiden University.

  • Xueyi Zhou
    Xueyi Zhou Research Analyst

    Xueyi has an LLB in International Politics from Zhejiang University and is a Master’s candidate in International Development at Sciences Po Paris. At Development Reimagined she conducts data collection and analysis to support our data-driven approach.

  • Etsehiwot Kebret
    Etsehiwot Kebret Research Analyst

    Etsehiwot holds a Masters degree in Development Studies from the London School of Economics. She is currently a Research Analyst and supports our report writing, with a focus on reimagining the debt system.

  • Pier Ferdinando Cinotto
    Pier Ferdinando Cinotto Research Analyst

    Ferdinando’s research at Development Reimagined is centred on South-South Cooperation dynamics, specifically on the analysis of Chinese investment and debt flows in Africa and their linkages to African industrialisation. He is currently a Yenching Scholar at Peking University, after having graduated from the University of Cambridge with an MPhil in Development Studies.

  • David Tinashe Nyagweta
    David Tinashe Nyagweta Research Analyst

    David Tinashe Nyagweta is a PhD candidate in Economics at Nelson Mandela University. As a scholar, he is focused on research in demographic economics and human development with interests in international migration, education, health and subjective well-being.

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