“FOCAC at 20”

Zhunjing de ge wei laibin, nushimen, xiangshimen, pengyoumen, da jia hão! Vice President Lu Cairong Chairperson Frolick Ambassador Zhao YanBo Distinguished Excellencies, guests ladies and [...]

One mountain, two tigers

I’ve recently celebrated my first anniversary of working in China, and I can wholeheartedly say it has been fantastic so far. In particular I have been lucky enough to be surrounded by supportive [...]

The same, but different

I’m entering into my fourth week here in Beijing, and one of the experiments I tried last weekend was to order a takeaway. I was tired from a very hectic week of meetings – that was my excuse [...]

Forecasting Development

In January, I always enjoy reading the Economist’s World In Year X publication – which sets out their forecasts for big headlines under a number of categories. What I particularly like is [...]

Twins in Development?

A boy stands by a WASH (Water, Sanitation & Hygiene) programme sign, outside the village of Tshibashi, Kasai Occidental, DRC. Picture: Stephanie Dunga/DFID. When I was a teenager, I lived in [...]

Avoiding the C-word in Nigeria

Ok so I admit that’s a provocative title. But in many countries taking action on the two c-words “climate change” just isn’t a key priority. There are, perhaps, good reasons for this. A lot of [...]

Is green growth just a fad?

“Green growth” is en vogue in the development and international affairs world. The Republic of Korea has created a new Global Green Growth Institute, and a major UN Summit to be held [...]

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