The projects we deliver every day range from designing or evaluating aid projects, to creating infographics and videos on Brazil’s approach to development, to writing annual reports for a new green fund, or facilitating meetings between Chinese investors and African start-up businesses. We have expertise that covers the full spectrum of sustainable development and poverty reduction.

Our clients include governments, civil society organisations and businesses small and large. They too come from all sides of the world. Our unique approach to every project that we deliver for our clients, as well as our own research and communications, is based on two key underlying values:


The first value is that development involves “real people” who act rationally in the situations they (we) find themselves (ourselves) in and with the information they (we) possess. To deliver on all our projects, we draw on rigorous data and real, on the ground evidence and experience from the countries – especially the poorest – where we have lived and worked – whether Kenya, China or the UK. We use these as tools to think critically and carefully about each problem our clients bring to us and come up with new innovative solutions.


The second value is that aid is not the only answer to development. Aid is no more a panacea to economic and social problems in poor and middle income countries than government or philanthropic handouts are to solving problems in richer economies. For instance, an African business person may benefit more from a change in trade duties by China or the UK than aid. Through our work, we aim to provide a public good by helping you, us, and the public around the world think about how we can all make a difference through personal choices and domestic policies, as well as handouts.

With these two values, we will help you “reimagine” the way you see and act in our ever-changing world, meaning that whatever your project, we can help you maximise its impact on sustainable development and global poverty reduction. Now.

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