Development Reimagined:

We are a diverse and multilingual team of consultants with expertise in the fields of international development, diplomacy, environment and public relations, across all regions of the world.

Our thematic areas of expertise include:

International Development projects and programmes

Trade statistics and trends

Development Effectiveness

China’s Economic and Poverty Reduction experience

International relations analysis

African Development and Current Markets

Agricultural Markets and Strategy

Sustainable cities, transport and urbanisation

Foreign Aid Trends

South-South Cooperation

Migration statistics and trends


Green Growth, Climate Change Planning

Private sector development

Finance and investment

We are led by our founder and CEO Hannah Muthoni Ryder, a former diplomat and economist by training. Hannah had the vision to create this consultancy, and incorporate it as the first-ever Kenyan Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise in China. Her CV and bio can be found here, and she can be reached on twitter and we chat using the handle @hmryder.

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