How is COVID-19 affecting Africa? Our Analysis in Numbers

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Over the last few weeks, we have seen many think-tanks, consultancies and experts sharing information around COVID19 cases in Asia, Europe and the United States. But what about the African continent? How are the 55 countries in Africa faring? There is both good news and bad news…

As part of Development Reimagined’s commitment to providing timely and useful information on COVID-19, the team are compiling the latest numbers around COVID-19 in Africa, including the number and location of cases and preventive measures. We’ve found that while the number of cases on the continent still remain a small percentage of global totals, countries are being affected very differently and all countries are taking action in someway!

In Summary for April 3:

7,032 confirmed cases across the continent in 50 countries.

6 African countries only have international travel restriction measures in place;

28 countries have restrictions on international travel and some social distancing measures in place internally;

15 countries have restrictions on international travel and partial lockdowns internally;

5 countries have essentially moved to declare a state of emergency with people movement restricted only to food and health emergencies.


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Special thanks go to Rosie Wigmore, Angela Benefo, Wang Yu and Rosie Flowers for their work on the graphic and collecting/analysing the underlying data.

The data was collated from a range of sources including: government websites and media reports, the IMF policy tracker; the US Chamber COVID19 Dashboard; Our World in Data, and the Oxford Government Response tracker. Our methodology is entirely in-house, based on analysis of social distancing  categories.

If you spot any gaps, please send your feedback to us at, we will aim to verify and rectify asap.

April 2020

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