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Japan sells itself as Global South’s China counterweight with whistle-stop tour of Africa, South Asia

Dr analyst Ovigwe Eguegu shares in on the strategic significance of Japan's outreach amidst growing concerns about China's expanding presence and influence in the Africa and South Asia regions.


‘Historic’ Move: Creating African CRA Allows ‘Shaping Narrative’ on Risk & Investment, Expert Says

DR Financial policy expert, Etsehiwot Kebret highlights the significance in shaping the narrative on risk in Africa. ACRIS represents a historic move that will empower African nations to better manage risks and attract investment.


Harnessing those who ‘hold up half the sky’

DR Analyst Chen Huiyi highlights the importance of Women's Empowerment in the FOCAC agenda.


Are Africa-China relations helping over 1 billion women?

CEO Hannah Ryder discusses the impact of Africa-China relations on Trade and Investment


Reopened Nigeria-Niger border promises trade

DR Analyst Eguegu narrows in on the promises of Nigeria-Niger trade growth and economic opportunities


Is the African Union Evolving in the Right Direction?

DR analysts evaluate the direction of the African Union for Africa's economic development


UN prepares for vote on US proposal calling for ceasefire in Gaza- Newzroom Afrika

CEO Hannah Ryder on the latest developments surrounding the imminent United States resolution advocating for a ceasefire in Gaza.


Why Angola’s Latest Visit to China Is Good for the G7- The Diplomat

Eguegu analyses President Lourenço’s recent China visit amind growing global competition between the United States and China in Africa


African Debt Crisis: A Call for a Bold New Approach- News Central TV

DR Finance Expert Trevor Lwere advocating for new approaches to solving Africa's debt crisis in 2024


Where do we get the money to fix the world’s biggest problems?- The New Statesman

DR CEO Hannah Ryder explores the need to reform global financial institutions, and how the UK/s role in it.


Bridging the Gap: China-Africa Climate Cooperation Unveiled

Yike Fu explores the landscape of China-Africa climate cooperation in 2024


Reflections on the African Union Summit 2024- CGTN America

Hannah Ryder reflects on the 2024 AU Summit's theme of education and its linkages to financial reform and infrastructure development


UN allocates $100M for poorly-funded global humanitarian crises – CGTN Africa

Hannah Ryder says $100 million is not enough and suggests ways forward


Can Africa profit from Red Sea crisis? – DW

DR Analyst Eguegu analyses the impact of the Red Sea Crisis and how Africa could profit from it

Red Sea Crisis

How Is The Red Sea Crisis Affecting African Countries ? -Ventures Africa

DR Trade Analyst Lwere analyses the impact of the Red Sea Crisis on African economies


What South African Rooibos Tea Can Tell Us About Africa-China Trade Flows- The Diplomat

DR Analyst shares why China's tariff reduction for Roobois tea should be accompanied by Geographical Indication recognition


Little sur­prise African gov­ern­ments reject credit rat­ing agen­cies- Financial Times

CEO Hannah Ryder and 8 other African economists rebut recent claims that Africa is to blame for bad credit ratings


It’s time for African countries to shape the WTO, not just sit in it- African Business

Hannah Ryder argues the WTO needs to start demonstrating it can work more for Africa


What Lies Ahead for Chinese Lending to Africa?- The Diplomat

Despite much talk of a slowdown, there is reason to believe that Chinese loans to African countries will increase in 2024


What the China-Maldives-India Triangle Tells Us About Great Power Competition in 2024- The Diplomat

Ovigwe analyses the geopolitics of the China-Maldives-India Triangle


Ethiopia and Somaliland Sign Port Deal Leaving Somalia on Edge-Strait Talk

Hannah Ryder discusses the geopoilitical impications of Ethiopia's Port Deal with Somaliland


Highlights of Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi’ s 2024 African trip- CGTN

CEO Hannah Ryder's Insights from Wang Yi's 2024 Four-Country Africa Tour


What does 2024 hold for Ethiopia after its 2023 default? – African Business

DR Anlayst Dennis Severin analyses Ethiopia's 2024 economic prospects


Previewing the Chinese Foreign Minister’s Visit to Africa – The Diplomat

DR Analysts Ovigwe and Yu analyse China's Foreign Minister's 2024 Africa tour


Uganda’s Removal from AGOA Will Minimally Impact Its Economy – News Central TV

DR economist on Uganda's recent removal from AGOA


Will 2024 Be The Year of Africa’s Economic Take-Off?-Ventures Africa

DR Economist Trevor Lwere on Africa's promising 2024 economic outlook and what needs to change


Africa’s Economic Challenges Does Not Threaten Global Growth – News Central TV

DR Analyst Trevor Lwere on why Africa is not holding the world economy back


IMF & World Bank Not Reliable Partners for Africa- Sputnik Africa

DR Finance Expert Etse On The Role of Western Financial Institutions In Addressing Africa's Economic Challenges


Green Industralization Support – China Daily

DR Analysts Fu and Yunong on China's support for Africa's "green industralization"


Two IMF fixes that could channel billions to Africa- African Arguements

DR Finance Expert Etse on IMF SDR reforms that can channel needed funds to Africa


Is CIIE Paving The Way For More African Products In China(2023)?-Ventures Africa

DR Analyst Yujie on the impact CIIE is having on Africa-China trade in 2023

China-Africa relations in 2024

What’s in store for China-Africa relations in 2024 – African Business

Hannah Ryder on what to expect in China-Africa relations in 2024 looking back at 2023

China-Africa relations in 2024
Visa-Free Africa

Towards a Visa-Free Africa – CGTN Africa

Analyst Ivory Kairo discusses the economic implication of a visa-free africa.


AGOA Isn’t the Political Leverage Washington Thinks It Is (2023)- The Southern African Times

Ovigwe Eguegu provides expert insights about the state and perceptions of AGOA in Africa in 2023.


“AGOA has been used as a “stick” not a “carrot”- News Central TV

Hannah Ryder shares thoughts on the 2023 AGOA Forum in South Africa


What Did the 3rd Belt and Road Forum Mean for Africa?- The Diplomat

DR Analyst Trevor Lwere analyses what has changed for Africa in the BRI


Forget moral hazard – Africa needs a reformed framework for debt relief- African News Page

Hannah Ryder unpacks the need to reform the G20's Common Framework for Debt Treatment


A Slice of Opportunity: Benin Joins China’s Fruit Export Market – Ventures Africa

Trade Analyst Rosie Wigmore shares insights on Beninese pineapples entering the Chinese market.


Turblence in Air France’s African operations amid security concerns and diplomatic shifts – Arab News

DR Security Analyst Ovigwe Egeugue discusses how recent coup-related concerns have affected Air France's operations in Africa


The UK suggests its ready to ‘Talk the Talk’ – but will it really ‘Walk the Walk’?-The Habari Network

DR Deputy Director Leah Lynch discusses the UK's new International Development Strategy


BRI’s role in reshaping people connections worldwide- CGTN

CEO Hannah Ryder shares insights on BRI's role in promoting people-to-people ties in Africa


Power plays: Why are more African leaders visiting China despite geopolitics?- The Africa Report

Rosie Wigmore's data-driven analysis on African leaders' visit to China


G-20 Summit: Africa Union Joins Bloc as Permanent member- News Central TV

Analyst Rugare Mukanganga shares insights on the implications for the African Union's permament inclusion in the G20.


The Latest China-Africa Leaders Dialogue: What Has Changed?

CEO Hannah Ryder and Ovigwe Egeugu's analysis of the China-Africa Leaders Dialogue on the sidelines of the 2023 BRICS Summit


The African Union is set to join the G20: how can it make the most of it?

DR Analyst Ivory Kairo's insights on how the AU can make the most out of its inclusion in the G20


Senior military officers in Gabon have appeared on national tv claiming they have taken power

DR Security Analyst Ovigwe Egeugu's expert analysis on the Gabon Coup on Al-Jazeera


What next after Tunisia rejects IMF and austerity burdens?

Rugare Mukanganga and Chrsity Un's analysis of Tunisia's rejection of IMF's austerity burdens


South Africa resumes beef exports to China – How can South Africa become a more competitive and major beef supplier to China?

Rosie Wigmore's analysis on how South African beef can become more competitive in China


China and Zambia: A New Chapter Beyond Debt?

DR Analyst Huiyi Chen's insights on Zambia's Presidential visit to China on The Diplomat


What can the next president of World Bank learn from AfDB and AIIB?

CEO Hannah Ryder's Op-ed

Why is France being told to leave Burkina Faso? – Al-Jazeera

DR's Ovigwe Eguegu on Al Jazeera

UNGA, Geopolitics, and Multipolarity with Ovigwe Eguegu -Find The Signal Post

DR's Ovigwe Eguegu on Find the Signal Podcast

Data shows that only five African countries are dependent on Ukrainian

Africa-China Relations, AfCFTA and Developmental Finance – Change Africa Podcast

DR's Hannah Ryder and Patrick Anam on Change Africa Podcast

One thing that multilateral lenders that do not take into account

What an Africanist Approach to Foreign Policy Looks Like -Afro-Catalyst Podcast

DR's Hannah Ryder on Afro-Catalyst Podcast

Africa must create a system for the international order that meets

DR’s Hannah Ryder on China in Africa Podcast

Hannah Ryder on what to Expect this year in China-Africa Relations

One of the things for 2023 will be to engage with

DR’s Ovigwe Eguegu on China in Africa Podcast

South Africa: Naval Drills Ghana: Debt Crisis DRC: Mining Contracts

A 2021 report indicated that it costs US$ 4,000 to ship

DR’s Ovigwe Eguegu on Talks on China Podcast

Ovigwe Eguegu on China's Global Security Initiative

Very many countries are looking to get on board and the

DR’s Hannah Ryder and Jade Scarfe on the Brenthurst Foundation Podcast

Reimagining Development (with China) - a Chat with Hannah Ryder and Jade Scarfe

China is definitely a different kind of partner to work with

DR’s Ovigwe Eguegu on the Africa Report

Why the G20 needs African Union as a member

We have long called for the African region to be fully

DR’s Hannah Ryder on CGTN Africa

China-Africa Trade Expo: Africa looking to reap benefits

Africa represents less than 4% of global trade expos such as

DR’s Ovigwe Eguegu on TRT World

UN: At least 10M children need humanitarian aid in Sahel region

This is a troubling number given the efforts put into this

DR’s Ovigwer Eguegu on Atlantic Council

Russia’s influence in Africa, a security perspective

There is a lot of concern when great powers are looking

DR’s Ovigwe Eguegu on CGTN Africa

Macron announces a "noticeable reduction" of French troops in Africa

Burkina Faso for instance in 2014 controlled two-thirds control of its

Article by DR’s Jade Scarfe

Re-imagining the “debt crisis” in Africa

Debt crises are as political as they are economic. That is,

Article by DR’s Etsehiwot Kebret

How the African Development Bank can drive climate finance to the continent

At the annual meeting in Accra, President Adesina and his leadership

Article by DR’s Ivory Kairo

Is China to Blame for Sri Lanka’s Debt Woes?

It is key for Sri Lanka to work with China and

Article by DR’s Leah Lynch

The UK’s new development strategy suggests its ready to ‘Talk the Talk’ – but will it really ‘Walk the Walk’?

At Development Reimagined, while we welcome the UK government’s more oblique

Article by DR’s Hannah Ryder and Ovigwe Eguegu

COP27: Why “Africa’s COP” is crucial, but doesn’t guarantee strong African outcomes

There are certainly signs of hope that COP27 will be Africa’s

Article by DR’s Jade Scarfe

Zambia’s New IMF Deal Shifts China to the Backseat

What does the IMF deal portend for other low- and middle-income

Article by DR’s Patrick Anam

Is Japan Beginning to Overtake China on Infrastructure Financing in Kenya?

Overall, while the debate of China vs. Japan is interesting, history

Article by DR’s Hannah Ryder

Four goals for Africa at Japan’s TICAD8 in Tunis

Ahead of TICAD8, African governments should urge the Japanese government to

Article by DR’s Hannah Ryder

Could Just Energy Transition Partnerships work for Africa?

South Africa will require $250bn to 2050 to finance its energy

Article by DR’s Jade Scarfe and Rugare Mukanganga

Global Sovereign Debt Roundtable: Do borrowers really get a seat at the table?

Borrowers themselves need to get together exclusively to coordinate on positions

Article by DR’s Hannah Ryder

China’s multilateral lending to Africa is rising – here’s why

China is often perceived as a lender that focuses purely on

Article by DR’s Jade Scarfe and Chensi Li

What can the US-Africa Leaders Summit learn from China?

Close to a decade after the first summit, hosted by President

Article by DR’s Hannah Ryder

World Bank’s challenges go deeper than leadership of David Malpass

There are many reasons to be concerned about the World Bank’s

Article by DR’s Hannah Ryder

Why I won’t be speaking about bankability or de-risking in 2023

Focusing on “bankability” or “de-risking” won’t shift the dial for investment

Article by DR’s Hannah Ryder

What can next president of World Bank learn from AfDB and AIIB?

Or, with his business acumen, will he bring a greater focus

Article by DR’s Hannah Ryder

Should Africa invest in agriculture or infrastructure? The answer is both

China has put this emphasis on infrastructure despite the fact that

Article by DR’s Yixin Yu and Charlie Zong

What Will African Leaders Seek to Gain From Welcoming China’s New Foreign Minister?

A look at the priorities the AU, Ethiopia, Gabon, Angola, Benin,

Article by DR’s Yixin Yu

China-Gabon Relations Get an Upgrade

Today, China is Gabon’s largest trading partner. In 2022, Gabon exported

DR’s Ovigwe Eguegu quoted (article)

How much would escalating tensions between Congo and Rwanda impact economic growth and investments?

“I do not think there is an appetite for war given

DR’s Ovigwe Eguegu quoted (article)

Europe Is Trying (and Failing) to Beat China at the Development Game

”Half of Global Gateway’s resources are earmarked for Africa, but leaders

DR’s Etsehiwot Kebret speaks to Business Africa (VIDEO)

Can a borrower's club lead to cheaper, sustainable debt?

“That is why a borrower’s club is absolutely necessary: countries need

DR’s analysis on China’s Debt Relief Cited (article)

The Battle Scene of the First US-China African Debt Restructuring War

“While the West has frequently accused China of engaging in “debt-trap

article by DR’s Etsehiwot Kebret and Hannah Ryder

China’s Debt Relief Position Is Actually Reasonable

“China is right to say that the World Bank and IMF

DR’s CEO Hannah Ryder speaks to Hot FM Zambia (Radio)

Takeaways from IMF's Kristalina Georgieva and US Sec.Yellen's visit to Zambia

“The IMF does have a poor reputation on the African continent,

DR’s Ovigwe Eguegu on CGTN Africa (video)

China-Africa ties show new dimension of growth and development

“With the most recent figures from 2022 says China-Africa two-way trade

DR Insights Cited by Center for Global Development Experts

Breaking the Logjam on African Debt Relief: A Third Way?

“Development Reimagined, a consultancy that works on China-Africa issues, proposes a

DR’s Ovigwe Eguegu speaks to TRT World (Video)

What lessons has Nigeria learnt from the Boko Haram kidnappings?

“For instance, we know that the Nigerian government is really overburdened

DR’s Hannah Ryder on TRT World

Türkiye Evacuates Hundreds of Citizens Amid Sudan Unrest

The ceasefire agreement in Sudan provides an opportunity for evacuation as

DR’s Ovigwe Eguegu on Al Jazeera

Is Moscow extending its reach in Africa? | Inside Story

African countries have legitimate interests – particularly in the area of

DR’s Hannah Ryder on Age of Economics

Hannah Ryder for Age of Economics - Full interview

Economics is a lens used to look at society and how

DR’s Hannah Ryder on TRT World

Critics say IMF loans often hurt developing, poor countries

The institution is just not fit for purpose at this point.

DR’s Hannah Ryder and Ovigwe Eguegu on BRI Dialogues

BRI Dialogues - D18 In Conversation with Hannah Ryder & Ovigwe Eguegu

One of the biggest challenges is, “how fast can these multilateral

“For instance, we know that the Nigerian government is really overburdened in terms of salaries of staff of the security agencies and the budgetary constraints are there, the ability to train the people and get them ready to do exactly what needs to be done is also a very crucial question between the internal security apparatuses.”

TRT World | 14 April 2023

“The IMF does have a poor reputation on the African continent, particularly because of the structural adjustment policies, the austerity conditions which were there and remain so in most of the IMF loans, but in comparison, this hasn’t been the case with China – Chinese loans are not conditional, they don’t come with austerity, and the IMF is under pressure to change its ways.”

HotFMZambia | 13 February 2023

“That is why a borrower’s club is absolutely necessary: countries need to be able to share their experiences and negotiation practices in order to get the most out of the current financial system.”

Business Africa | 3 February 2023

Today, China is Gabon’s largest trading partner. In 2022, Gabon exported close to $4 billion worth of commodities to China, accounting for over half of its total exports.

 10 May 2023

“Development Reimagined, a consultancy that works on China-Africa issues, proposes a borrowers’ group as the counterpart to creditor groups like the Paris Club. Like its creditor interlocutor, the Lusaka Club (named for the Zambian capital) would be an informal convening of debtor countries to coordinate among borrowers and propose common positions on sustainable solutions in times of debt distress.”

CGD | 10 March 2023

“China is right to say that the World Bank and IMF need to engage in debt relief. Many African debtor countries think the same thing”. 

This article explains the pros and cons of debt relief by multilateral development banks (MDBs) and examines the case for treating MDBs as “preferred creditors”, from an African perspective.

The Diplomat | 22 February 2023

”Half of Global Gateway’s resources are earmarked for Africa, but leaders on the continent have also been quick to notice the lack of new funding and the uncertainty over private cash that mar the EU scheme, said Ovigwe Eguegu, a Nigerian expert on China-Africa relations at Development Reimagined, a think tank based in Beijing. “The messaging indicates that the European Union is going to match China, but in Africa there is a lot of skepticism,” Eguegu said.”
Foreign Policy | January 10, 2023

A look at the priorities the AU, Ethiopia, Gabon, Angola, Benin, and Egypt have for their relationships with China.

The Diplomat  | 11 January 2023

“With the most recent figures from 2022 says China-Africa two-way trade stands at 282 billion, which makes China Africa’s biggest trading partner by a large margin and that is something that is a testament to the progress and the improvement in China Africa relations … on the structural level the relationship has really progressed and it’s all evident in cooperations, in the FOCAC documents, and all of the milestones.”

CGTN Africa | 29 March 2023

“While the West has frequently accused China of engaging in “debt-trap diplomacy,” which involves purposefully making loans to nations that are unable to repay them in order to increase its political leverage, a report by Development Reimagined provides evidence that China has, in actual fact, engaged in more debt relief than other creditors.”

AfronomicsLaw | 3 February 2023

“I do not think there is an appetite for war given the devastating impact it could cause on both countries. Rwanda is still a growing economy with a small GDP. So, investing its productive capacity in a war would not be a smart decision. On the other hand, Congo is already facing many internal problems and may not want to go to war. In the end, both parties will just have to resolve this via negotiation.”

Venture Africa | 27 January 2023

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