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Delivering growth and development-friendly climate action

At Development Reimagined, we focus on building the agency of low- and middle-income countries to push for meaningful global action on climate change by all – including China, the US and Europe – as well as adequate climate finance to meet the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and key development blueprints, such as Africa’s Agenda 2063. Our expert team has a unique approach to driving climate action by reviewing mainstream narratives through comparative approaches and coordination – for instance, by advising and convening key decision-makers from Asia-Pacific or African countries as a group so that they can exchange and draw from the most relevant examples, rather than having solutions imposed from outside. Drawing on these exclusive insights, we regularly produce multilingual flagship reports, most recently “Bolstering Africa’s Strategic Climate Change Engagement with China”, released September 2022, which impartially explains 3 key trends in Africa-China engagement in climate change and articulates African needs and priorities for the partnership going forward. We provide evidence-based analyses of growth- and development-friendly climate action plans, while offering tailored support to organizations and partners who wish to drive such climate action, design or implement new growth- and development-friendly climate projects or investments, or devise new negotiation strategies.

Delivering growth and development-friendly climate action for all

meet Our expert lead


Yike Fu is a Climate Program Manager and China’s Climate Finance Policy Lead at Development Reimagined, specialising in African development, China-Africa relations and development finance. Yike is currently leading DR’s climate action work area, with a specific focus on South-South cooperation. She has also been responsible for leading other areas of work while at DR – including on debt analysis in Africa and beyond, and China-Africa trade and investment logistics and analysis. Prior to her role at DR she worked at the International Finance Corporation and African Union Representational Mission to the US, and she holds a Masters in International Affairs from George Washington University.

what we do

Keeping you informed and prepared for what's next

Policy briefs & research reports

Our experts regularly develop tailored, in-depth analyses of major trends and negotiation strategies in climate action across key thematic areas including South-South cooperation, climate finance and investment, capacity building, ‘just’ energy transitions, and much more.

Appraisal & evaluation reports

We provide bespoke designs and data-driven environmental assessments of a diverse range of national and regional climate-related initiatives and projects, highlighting key opportunities for more ambitious climate action and providing concrete recommendations to enable your ambition.

Enabling you to move forward with confidence

Equipping your team with deep climate competence

Climate training courses and investment facilitation

We’re proud to facilitate meaningful dialogue between subject matter experts, businesspeople, and members of the public that address pressing climate action questions, share a wide range of practical and policy experiences of low- and middle-income countries including China, and facilitate investment in high-value opportunities for climate action.

How we can help you

Sound Strategic Advice

Whether you’re aiming to get more out of your company’s relationship with China, identify and mitigate climate risks, or design and assess a climate-related aid project or investment, we have the experience to help you develop deep, data-driven, and truly sustainable strategic plans. As an independent, African-led consultancy with industry-leading expertise on climate action across Africa and China, we work with private companies, government agencies, and international organizations. Our clients include United Nations agencies, key decision-makers in African and Chinese organizations, European development agencies, and Africa’s top luxury consumer brands.

Evidence-Based Analysis

Backed by rigorous datasets and cutting-edge analytics, our bespoke client reports and presentations simplify seemingly complex topics often misunderstood or merely presented at a surface level. We dig deep to unearth fresh insights on climate and reimagine development. From public health and finance to private sector investment and household-level welfare, we view climate impacts and action through multiple lenses to enhance your climate action project with diverse and informed research.


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At Development Reimagined, we’re dedicated to transforming the global conversation on development by expanding the reach of innovative perspectives that put Africa first. Hence, we welcome and permit you to quote, link to, and/or comment on our research reports and visual analytics on your organization’s website or social media posts under the condition that you provide proper attribution including reference to Development Reimagined and a link to the source page on the DR website, for any text, charts, images, or other DR content you use.


Attribution need not be cumbersome. E.g.: The above chart is by Development Reimagined.

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