Responding to the COVID-19 Outbreak

DR China-Africa knowledge demonstrated

As an African organisation based in Beijing, Development Reimagined (DR) is highly informed and up to date with key data and information in the Africa-China relationship. In recent weeks DR analysis on the China-Africa relationship and COVID-19 has featured heavily in international news, including coverage in the Financial Times, The New York Times, the BBC, Bloomberg, Deutche Welle, Quartz, CGTN, the Diplomat, the China Africa Project, The Africa Report, and the African Business Magazine, showcasing DR as the place to go for data, advice, and information on all things China-Africa. A few examples are set out below.


The COVID-19 outbreak brought to light DR’s data expertise, with DR research on numbers of African students in the novel coronavirus’ epicentre Wuhan, first quoted in Quartz, reaching a wide audience around the world, with the New York Times, NPR, Caixing Global, African Business Magazine and Modern Ghana all referencing DR’s figures.


DR CEO Hannah Ryder’s article in the Diplomat highlighted the challenges that African governments face in responding to COVID-19 – in particular with the difficult decision of whether or not to evacuate their citizens from Hubei Province.

Hannah’s quote in a BBC article covering the status of Africans in Wuhan has since been translated into over ten languages, with coverage on major national news media in Egypt (Arabic language), Indonesia (Bahasa), and Vietnam (Vietnamese), among others.

Our China-Africa expertise also been quoted in Bloomberg, The Ugandan Independent and providing analysis of the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak for the China-Africa relationship.


Development Reimagined’s Deputy Director Leah Lynch’s article in the China Africa Project highlighted the plight of the city Yiwu, a major trade hub in Eastern China, and how COVID-19 is influencing the status-quo of could of China-Africa trade, as well as potential implications for its future.

The Financial Times profiled Hannah in her capacity as CEO of an international company in China to better understand how companies in China are managing the challenges associated with the COVID-19 outbreak.

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March 2020

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