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Introducing Yenaé

Who We Are? Yenaé is one of the 10 bespoke, sustainable African brands we are representing at the upcoming China-Africa Economic and Trade Expo in Changsha during September 2021. Stay tuned for more information about the other unique African brands from

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To heat or not to heat?

I’ve recently discovered that my 5 month-old son is quite sensitive to cold. As temperatures have dipped in Beijing, he, my husband and I have therefore had two weeks of sleepless nights. But why haven’t we switched on the heating

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Civil Society and Development: More than a technical issue

If you’ve ever watched the seminal British comedy Yes, Minister, you’ll know that “technical” and “bureaucratic” are 2 words often associated with civil servants. They are also 2 words often associated with international organisations, though I won’t name any names…

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After 2009, why could 2015 deliver a climate deal?

The phrase “the benefit of hindsight” has been ringing in my ears as I’ve been reading the reports from the close of the Durban climate negotiations late on Saturday night. In particular, it’s been ringing in my ears as I read

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